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Campus Party Europe: Kate Andrews of LoCo2

For ‘the world’s biggest tech festival’, Campus Party Europe has already had a surprising number of ‘technical issues’ to contend with. A confusing website twinned with an equally baffling registration system meant we were kept queueing for an hour last night just trying to get in to see Hard Hob play the opening ceremony (which … Read more

Ij Hallen Fleamarket, Amsterdam

Ij Hallen Fleamarket, Amsterdam “It offended his sense of proportion and economy to throw away a ninety-percent serviceable string of lights. It offended his sense of himself, because he was an individual from an age of individuals, and a string of lights was, like him, an individual thing. No matter how little the thing had … Read more

TEDx Berlin 2011: High Energy

Posted by Natalie in Events - 21 November 2011 - (1 Comments)
TEDx Berlin 2011: High Energy

An eclectic line-up of apparently unrelated topics came together beautifully today at TEDx Berlin, with themes curving in a topical arc through this thoughtfully curated event. Katherine Lucey, CEO of Solar Sister, ignited our imaginative kindling with a moving account of the power of electricity to change lives in rural Africa.  Her company provides people … Read more

An Architectural Renaissance

My train bends serpentine into St. Pancras and I am intoxicated by the familiar homecoming cocktail of awe, comfort and ennui.  Stepping into the newly refurbished international terminal, that sense of awe is temporarily heightened to the detriment of those other, more mundane emotions.  As the gateway to London from the continent, St. Pancras railway … Read more

Piston Embarrassing

Posted by Natalie in Society - 16 March 2011 - (1 Comments)
Piston Embarrassing

Trainspotting is the epitome of uncool, but what’s wrong with a healthy appreciation for mundanity? Crossing Warschauer Bridge last night I was struck by a captivating sight – a shiny ICE train backing into its parking space. What’s more, it was being reversed by an old shunter!  The juxtaposition of that chic, modern machine among … Read more

Choo-Choose Life

Cheap and easy rail travel has arrived Taking a plane is sometimes cheaper and often quicker than any other mode of transport, but it’s a myth that the train is always more expensive.  If you have time (and more than 100ml of fluid) you’re probably better off taking the train. Convincing people that taking the … Read more

Alladale Wilderness Lodge

Restoring the Scottish Highlands The beautiful purple heather that blankets the Scottish Highlands, and for which they are so known and admired, is not a natural phenomenon. The wiry tufts that now cover the balding hills and valleys were once a voluminous coating of arboreal biodiversity.                   … Read more