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Werner Aisslinger’s Home of the Future

  Designer and inventor Werner Aisslinger doesn’t just come up with ideas – he also designs the technology that turns them into functioning items. His exhibition at Haus am Waldsee is a Wunderkammer of jaw-dropping innovations, inspired by and employing nature to create sustainable solutions for 21st century living.  

Ij Hallen Fleamarket, Amsterdam

Ij Hallen Fleamarket, Amsterdam “It offended his sense of proportion and economy to throw away a ninety-percent serviceable string of lights. It offended his sense of himself, because he was an individual from an age of individuals, and a string of lights was, like him, an individual thing. No matter how little the thing had … Read more

Berlin in Bloom

Posted by Natalie in Photography - 21 March 2011 - (1 Comments)