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Campus Party Europe: Kate Andrews of LoCo2

For ‘the world’s biggest tech festival’, Campus Party Europe has already had a surprising number of ‘technical issues’ to contend with. A confusing website twinned with an equally baffling registration system meant we were kept queueing for an hour last night just trying to get in to see Hard Hob play the opening ceremony (which … Read more

TEDxChange Berlin: The Big Picture

A looming, Berghainian former power station set the perfect scene for one of TEDx’s biggest events to date, as local and international guests and speakers entered awestruck to mutters of that familiar phrase: ‘only in Berlin’. Out back in the blogger lounge, the retro post-industrial vibe continued in a room that could have been a … Read more


Posted by Natalie in Projects - 27 January 2012 - (0 Comments)

An open-source project aiming for sustainable cities by 2050, this loose but dedicated network of professionals and experts focuses on the move towards locally sourced food production, new forms of energy harnessing, and building upon what is already there rather than  knocking down and starting over.  Inspirational stuff. I just joined them at http://ftrctlb.com/   … Read more

Our Velocity

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Our Velocity

Or how I learned to stop worrying about social media and up my game. Yesterday I had a headache that felt like Twitter. It was, in fact, merely a symptom of caffeine withdrawal: dilated blood vessels in the brain and over-sensitive receptors flailing furiously for their next fix. Thankfully, I’m fine now, but Twitter is … Read more

TEDx Berlin 2011: High Energy

Posted by Natalie in Events - 21 November 2011 - (1 Comments)
TEDx Berlin 2011: High Energy

An eclectic line-up of apparently unrelated topics came together beautifully today at TEDx Berlin, with themes curving in a topical arc through this thoughtfully curated event. Katherine Lucey, CEO of Solar Sister, ignited our imaginative kindling with a moving account of the power of electricity to change lives in rural Africa.  Her company provides people … Read more

An Architectural Renaissance

My train bends serpentine into St. Pancras and I am intoxicated by the familiar homecoming cocktail of awe, comfort and ennui.  Stepping into the newly refurbished international terminal, that sense of awe is temporarily heightened to the detriment of those other, more mundane emotions.  As the gateway to London from the continent, St. Pancras railway … Read more

Transition Network

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The Transition Network is a web of organised, interconnected communities from across the world, all working on varied, localised projects with one underlying objective: to work towards a life free of oil dependency. There are so many of these Transition Towns now, that if you are interested in finding out more, there is probably one … Read more