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My Berlin, For Friends

Posted by Natalie in Places - 9 November 2014 - (0 Comments)
My Berlin, For Friends

I’ve been compiling a list of favourite haunts, after frequent requests from visiting friends, and friends of friends. So I thought, why not share it with the world. Nothing too guidebookish; just my everyday Berlin. Eating Streetfood Turkish: Imren. Not just doner and schwarma, also hearty dishes – go on a Friday afternoon from 12:40 … Read more

Inside Germany’s first packaging-free supermarket

This morning, Berlin startup Original-Unverpackt opened their doors to the press for a peek inside Germany’s first packaging-free supermarket. Keep an eye on TREMORS magazine for the full feature – but in the meantime, here’s some snaps of what to expect. The shop opens to the public this Saturday 13th September.  

Five Years On

Posted by Natalie in Events - 2 September 2014 - (0 Comments)
Five Years On

When you live in the same place for a long time, it’s easy to lose track of the months as they blur into years. We arrived in Berlin in June 2009, and have lived in the same apartment for pretty much the whole time. It’s almost impossible, with so much background consistency, to look back … Read more

Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2013

Last night’s catwalk show by designer Charlie Le Mindu and make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival was spectacular–I think the photos speak for themselves. Thanks to Emily, who was left holding the camera while I was stuck at the bar (tbf there are worse places to be stuck).

Werner Aisslinger’s Home of the Future

  Designer and inventor Werner Aisslinger doesn’t just come up with ideas – he also designs the technology that turns them into functioning items. His exhibition at Haus am Waldsee is a Wunderkammer of jaw-dropping innovations, inspired by and employing nature to create sustainable solutions for 21st century living.  

Biking trends from Berlin

Posted by Natalie in Places - 19 March 2013 - (0 Comments)
Biking trends from Berlin

March finally arrived in Berlin to barely restrained euphoria from its residents. The greyness was interrupted by flashes of colour from exposed human skin and optimistic crocuses; not forgetting that glorious blue sky. Bikes all over town were tentatively awoken from their winter slumber, fed a dose of oil and TLC, and resumed their place … Read more

The Wall is Not Flat: deconstructing the East Side Gallery debate

It all started with a picture. A bright white building soaring countless storeys from the drab riverside below, its sides aglow like a spacecraft coming into land. The hypnotic structure, with its inexplicable incandescence set in stark contrast to the darkness of the surrounding city, was nothing if not daring. At this stage, it’s only … Read more

The Secrets of Winter: a perfect day in Berlin

Some people will tell you that Berlin is like a different city during the depths of winter, and they’d be right. Different yes, but not worse than in the friendlier seasons. Actually, now I’ve lived here for the best part of four years, I’ve come to embrace the icy innercity, with its snowy streets fading … Read more

Campus Party Europe: Kate Andrews of LoCo2

For ‘the world’s biggest tech festival’, Campus Party Europe has already had a surprising number of ‘technical issues’ to contend with. A confusing website twinned with an equally baffling registration system meant we were kept queueing for an hour last night just trying to get in to see Hard Hob play the opening ceremony (which … Read more

The Quest for a Real Hard Hob

Posted by Natalie in Events - 10 July 2012 - (0 Comments)

It’s a dark night in dilapidated Berlin. The looming clouds part to reveal a dim, dubious and spherical light source as City Redevelopment Robot Deco4, alone and confused in the post-apocalyptic landscape, spots the crumpled, destroyed remains of a kindred droid and begins a panicked dash across the city. The Quest for a Real Hard … Read more