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Ij Hallen Fleamarket, Amsterdam

Posted by Natalie in Sustainable Travel Journal - 6 March 2012

Ij Hallen Fleamarket, Amsterdam

It offended his sense of proportion and economy to throw away a ninety-percent serviceable string of lights. It offended his sense of himself, because he was an individual from an age of individuals, and a string of lights was, like him, an individual thing. No matter how little the thing had cost, to throw it away was to deny its value and, by extension, the value of individuals generally: to willfully designate as trash an object that you knew wasn’t trash. Modernity expected this designation and Alfred resisted it.– Jonathan Franzen, The Corrections



Getting there

Train from Berlin to Amsterdam Zuid – approx 6.5 hours (€31.75 pp each way with Bahn Card 25).

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