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Werner Aisslinger’s Home of the Future

  Designer and inventor Werner Aisslinger doesn’t just come up with ideas – he also designs the technology that turns them into functioning items. His exhibition at Haus am Waldsee is a Wunderkammer of jaw-dropping innovations, inspired by and employing nature to create sustainable solutions for 21st century living.  

The Internet and the Individual

The Internet has been subtly shaping the bonds between us for over three decades, but it is only much more recently that the development of the social web, in combination with increasingly sophisticated mobile hardware, has brought to light the potential power of the 21st century individual. In their 2012 book, Networked, researcher Lee Rainie … Read more

Our Velocity

Posted by Natalie in Technology - 29 December 2011 - (0 Comments)
Our Velocity

Or how I learned to stop worrying about social media and up my game. Yesterday I had a headache that felt like Twitter. It was, in fact, merely a symptom of caffeine withdrawal: dilated blood vessels in the brain and over-sensitive receptors flailing furiously for their next fix. Thankfully, I’m fine now, but Twitter is … Read more

Skin Deep: literary lunacy in the ebook era

The literary world has gone literally mad.  Ignoring one of the most ubiquitous proverbs in the English language in a desperate attempt to save a floundering industry, book publishers have started eveloping their wares in ever more elaborate works of art. It may seem like stating the obvious to point out that the beauty lies … Read more