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Posted by Natalie in Projects - 27 January 2012 - (0 Comments)

An open-source project aiming for sustainable cities by 2050, this loose but dedicated network of professionals and experts focuses on the move towards locally sourced food production, new forms of energy harnessing, and building upon what is already there rather than  knocking down and starting over.  Inspirational stuff. I just joined them at http://ftrctlb.com/   … Read more

Transition Network

Posted by Natalie in Projects - 6 March 2011 - (0 Comments)

The Transition Network is a web of organised, interconnected communities from across the world, all working on varied, localised projects with one underlying objective: to work towards a life free of oil dependency. There are so many of these Transition Towns now, that if you are interested in finding out more, there is probably one … Read more