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Biking trends from Berlin

Posted by Natalie in Places - 19 March 2013

March finally arrived in Berlin to barely restrained euphoria from its residents. The greyness was interrupted by flashes of colour from exposed human skin and optimistic crocuses; not forgetting that glorious blue sky. Bikes all over town were tentatively awoken from their winter slumber, fed a dose of oil and TLC, and resumed their place at the top of the transport food chain for another season.

Alas, it was not to last. We should have known not to trust those early signs of spring. As the mercury slunk back below zero and the streets disappeared under a blanket of snow, cycling could easily have been the last thing on everyone’s minds.  But whether it was that sunny little teaser or–more likely–just because, deep down, Berlin is a bike-loving city whatever the weather, this year’s Bike Show at STATION was packed to the exposed rafters.

Families, couples, singles, old folk and young, all turned out to sample the city’s tastiest two-wheeled offerings, from sleek single-speed steeds, handsome handmades and vintage classics to gnarly, suspension-heavy mountain bikes. Lesser-spotted species like a chainless tandem and bamboo bike also made guest appearances alongside cutting-edge and design cycling paraphernalia.

Hearts really started racing in the events arena, with its ramped racetracks hosting tournaments and tests all weekend. Helmet-clad hopefuls of all ages hurtled around the circuits to a soundtrack of punk rock music and screams from the sidelines. But with such a vibrant and enthusiastic crowd of visitors and participants, this weekend’s true hero was the Bike Show itself, and the overall winner was–and still is–Berlin.

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