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Bean there: Coffee Circle’s brewing and tasting workshop

Berlin startup, Coffee Circle, began life in a humble corner of Betahaus.  Two years later, they’re housed in a typically cavernous ex-warehouse office space shared with a handful of similarly youthful businesses. Plenty of room, finally, to host a Gidsy event to share their passion for coffee. This afternoon’s workshop was led by Robert, one … Read more


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An open-source project aiming for sustainable cities by 2050, this loose but dedicated network of professionals and experts focuses on the move towards locally sourced food production, new forms of energy harnessing, and building upon what is already there rather than  knocking down and starting over.  Inspirational stuff. I just joined them at http://ftrctlb.com/   … Read more

Our Velocity

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Our Velocity

Or how I learned to stop worrying about social media and up my game. Yesterday I had a headache that felt like Twitter. It was, in fact, merely a symptom of caffeine withdrawal: dilated blood vessels in the brain and over-sensitive receptors flailing furiously for their next fix. Thankfully, I’m fine now, but Twitter is … Read more

Skin Deep: literary lunacy in the ebook era

The literary world has gone literally mad.  Ignoring one of the most ubiquitous proverbs in the English language in a desperate attempt to save a floundering industry, book publishers have started eveloping their wares in ever more elaborate works of art. It may seem like stating the obvious to point out that the beauty lies … Read more

TEDx Berlin 2011: High Energy

An eclectic line-up of apparently unrelated topics came together beautifully today at TEDx Berlin, with themes curving in a topical arc through this thoughtfully curated event. Katherine Lucey, CEO of Solar Sister, ignited our imaginative kindling with a moving account of the power of electricity to change lives in rural Africa.  Her company provides people … Read more

An Architectural Renaissance

My train bends serpentine into St. Pancras and I am intoxicated by the familiar homecoming cocktail of awe, comfort and ennui.  Stepping into the newly refurbished international terminal, that sense of awe is temporarily heightened to the detriment of those other, more mundane emotions.  As the gateway to London from the continent, St. Pancras railway … Read more

Moving Mountains: hunger and waste in an age of austerity

One grim irony – and there are many – of the international debt crisis, aside from the obvious problems of limitless growth within finite resources, is that despite global attempts at austerity, waste continues to occur at unimaginable levels. Italy, for example, whose debt mountain is the second largest in Europe, wastes over 30 per … Read more

The Meaning of Clean

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The Meaning of Clean

I’ve just read that in a drive to boost sales, a bottled water company called Real Water have labelled tap water ‘damaged’ and are claiming that it is harmful to health.  It’s either overwhelmingly stupid or –having made the Guardian and probably a number of other blogs – a brilliant PR trick.  Whether it’s garbage … Read more

The Big Picture

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The Big Picture

The divisive and emotive nature of the current nuclear debate has caused fissions throughout society, from political infighting to awkward moments between friends over dinner.  Despite this, some German citizens have expressed satisfaction (if not pride) in their leaders’ definitive response: a U-turn on nuclear and a move towards renewable energy. A €5 billion scheme … Read more

A Little Less Conversation

It seems that these days there is always something going on. Of course, there always has been, it’s just that now information exchange happens so efficiently we all know about it instantly. Even given this daily data deluge, we are currently seeing a global glut of particularly significant events. From Japan to Libya, the Ivory … Read more