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A Tale of Two Cities: urban development strategies in Detroit, Michigan & Naples, Italy

Detroit, Michigan and Naples, Italy are two very different cities with diverse challenges in urban regeneration. Yet remarkable parallels can be drawn between their development strategies – and what’s more, they seem to be working. At first glance, the cities of Detroit, Michigan and Naples, Italy could not seem more different. The former, a chilly … Read more

The End of the World

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The End of the World

I was lonely and tired as the solitary boat ferried me slowly but steadily across the grey Strait of Magellan to Tierra del Fuego – Argentina’s Land of Fire. Having travelled south overland all the way from the equator at Quito, Patagonia’s glaring and desolate beauty seemed suddenly to highlight the glorious futility of my … Read more

Campus Party Europe: Kate Andrews of LoCo2

For ‘the world’s biggest tech festival’, Campus Party Europe has already had a surprising number of ‘technical issues’ to contend with. A confusing website twinned with an equally baffling registration system meant we were kept queueing for an hour last night just trying to get in to see Hard Hob play the opening ceremony (which … Read more

It’s a dark night in dilapidated Berlin. The looming clouds part to reveal a dim, dubious and spherical light source as City Redevelopment Robot Deco4, alone and confused in the post-apocalyptic landscape, spots the crumpled, destroyed remains of a kindred droid and begins a panicked dash across the city. The Quest for a Real Hard … Read more

To the end of the line on the M29

If you take a 50 minute bus journey from central London, I’m pretty sure you won’t end up in the forest.  Unless it’s Waltham Forest. Berlin is different.  A few stops after Hermannplatz, the M29 bus stops outside my house, so I decided to take it to the other end of the line and see … Read more

Six ways to make the best of working from home

When applied to the world of travel, the term ‘remote’ evokes feelings of a pristine, idyllic location: difficult to access but always worth the effort. When it comes to work, however, the same word starts to mean something very different and far less attractive. For more and more people, a reliable internet connection is all … Read more

10 of the best ‘postcolonial’ novels

In the week that revealed the British government’s destruction of incriminating documents on the mistreatment of its colonial subjects, the time seems ripe to celebrate some of the most valuable, authentic and moving accounts of the colonial experience. I’m a big fan of postcolonial literature. In fact, you could say I’m slightly obsessed. We never … Read more

TEDxChange Berlin: The Big Picture

A looming, Berghainian former power station set the perfect scene for one of TEDx’s biggest events to date, as local and international guests and speakers entered awestruck to mutters of that familiar phrase: ‘only in Berlin’. Out back in the blogger lounge, the retro post-industrial vibe continued in a room that could have been a … Read more

Ij Hallen Fleamarket, Amsterdam

Ij Hallen Fleamarket, Amsterdam “It offended his sense of proportion and economy to throw away a ninety-percent serviceable string of lights. It offended his sense of himself, because he was an individual from an age of individuals, and a string of lights was, like him, an individual thing. No matter how little the thing had … Read more

Corrupting a Nation

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Corrupting a Nation

Or why the NHS bill will make us all poorer in every way At 27 I didn’t consider myself innocent. Then I left the UK and moved to Germany, and lost something that up until that point I didn’t even know I had. From birth, unquestioning access to free healthcare had instilled in me a … Read more